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South Coast Lions MTB Classic

Ride along the route where Olympians trained!The all new South Coast Lions MTB Classic promises to be a ride to remember. The race will start at the scenic Port Shepstone Country Club. We will follow Burry Stander’s tracks up the famous waterfall climb. A bit of sugar cane riding follows which will lead us into the forest and some single track riding. Watch out for some spectacular views from the top with ideal Selfie spots. If you are lucky you might spot a whale or two. The race then takes us down a fast and furious descent. Get ready for the last climb of the race and the flat out down hill sprint to the finish line. The course will provide us with every type of riding imaginable.The South Coast Lions Show¬† will provide plenty of activities for the non riders and kiddies entertainment. Auntie Mandie Stander will organize the kiddies race personally and there will be an ice cream waiting for them when they finish.All proceeds from this race will go to charity with absolutely no deductions for administration costs.Starting Time 8am.


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