The Burry Stander Bike Park opened on the 4th January 2014, with the support of the Department of Sport, KZN Sport and Cycling SA.With this we wanted to create a saver cycling environment for cyclist.  We also started with a development program.  We registered 5 riders, with ROAG this year.  Zibele Booi got on a bike for the very first time on the 4th January 2014.  It was not long after that, that Charles noted he was a strong rider and build him a new 29 er bike.  We then also helped,Brian Mbhele,John Cele,Thabalethu Shange,Syhembiso Nqcobo,Blessing Mbhele and Lindani Shusha.  These guys did 5, 45km races this year, finished all five and sometimes ended on the podium.  We also started the District Rural Development Project.  We are hosting children every week, take them for rides, teach them the rules of the road, how to stay save.  Before they leave, they get a meal, all sponsored by THE BURRY STANDER FOUNDATION.  We have put in a budget for 2015 and hope the government and KZN Sport, with Cycling SA will be able to give us more funding this year, to carry on with our programs.  We want to take these riders to other races this year but we need a Mini bus to do this.As a family, we had  an extremely emotional year with the trail of the taxi driver, the next court date is set for the 14th February 2015.  The Foundation will assist families, that end up in the same unfortunate situation.  Road traffic signs on our road also needs attention and we will take government up on that.  KZN and Hibiscus Transport also need to set up road signage and safety.  We already had a meeting with Hibiscus Municipality, with no positive response, we will put this out on media and get local road users to back us on this.  It is very important, that we hammer on ROAD SAFETY, as we need to spare other people, the heartache we are suffering.

Meet the team

  • Bianca-May Theunissen
    Bianca-May TheunissenAge:18

    I am from Umtentweni KZN i started riding in 2014 and i ride at the Burry Stander Bike park my favourite event to date is the Lake Eland Burry Stander classic i ride with the group in the afternoons and am very keen on racing and what a privilege it is to train where Burry put all his hard earned hours of training in !

    • James Theunissen
      James TheunissenAge: 21

      I live in Umtentweni KZN 7kms down the road from the Burry Stander Bike park where i do all my training. Early morning rides up to the Burry Stander Bike park are religion for me and quick 40km ride with over a thousand meters of climbing in the mornings shows exactly how Burry became the Legend he is Today !! .

      • Bhekolswakhe John Cele
        Bhekolswakhe John CeleAge: 17

        I John Cele from the place called Gamalakhe, I am only 17 years old. I actually grew up in the rural areas, and I just finished school last year 2014. Well as I grew up I felt in love with this sport cycling. So as the time goes on I joined the Burry Stander foundation in March 2014 last year…..

        • Nicholas De Bruin
          Nicholas De BruinAGE: 10

          Nicholas de Bruin (10), nicknamed Pocket Rocket lives in Umtentweni and has been riding competitively since he was 9 years old. He is a totally committed and dedicated rider who trains hard for every race….

          • Thubalethu Shange
            Thubalethu ShangeAge: 23

            I, Thubalethu Shange 23 years of age.

            I’ve been in the Burry Stander foundation development team from October 2013. I’m from the rural place named Oshabeni, and I grew up at St Faiths and It`s been very challenging when I started cycling and now I’m enjoying being part of the team…..

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