Mail has being pouring in on a daily basis, riders and spectators telling us, they were so surprise to find

this “Gem” Lake Eland and what it has to offer. They will be back for the 2016 event and will bring their


It made me sit back for a while and think about the event. It had a vibe to it, that I believe only Burry

could bring to an event, but that I also take from it a very important message. “TIME!” You cannot give

anyone, anything more of value, then “TIME!” With the Lake Eland Quattro Classic 2015, this is exactly

it, so many people, from Mr Dunston and his family, Jennifer and her staff at Lake Eland, the sponsors,

Quattro, Roots of creations (medals) South Coast Tourism, local news media, Andre Beneke (safety

officer and member of Port Shepstone Lion’s) Med-Evac ambulance services, Roag administration and

everyone that assisted with registration, The Burry Stander Foundation Committee (without giving their

valuable time, this event will never happen) Gallagher Steel Art (Trophy’s) Mad Ant Entertainment,

Woz’Bona Photography, riders, families, spectators, everybody gave some of their valuable “TIME!” to

make this 2015 Lake Eland Quattro Classic powered by the Burry Stander Foundation a memorable


It was an above average warm day, with only 3 water table in the 25km and 45km, it was decided to get

the local business involved next year. There will be 4 water tables. We will have a prize for the best

water table, which the riders will vote for.

Everyone agreed that the route for the 10km,25km and 45km was real mountain bike trails, with a good

balance of single track and technical challenges. We thank Charles Stander and the Burry Stander

Foundation team for the time, spend on the trails, marking and cleaning.

Please take note, that these trails are open all year! Not to forget all the other activities, you can enjoy

at Lake Eland. This is what make Lake Eland a true “gem” to explore and keep everyone in the family


Jennifer and her staff had their hands full, with accommodation, parking and catering for everybody.

We want to thank them again for their time.

To Gary and the Quattro team, we thank you for your generous sponsorship. Should you require any

assistance with financial and investment or insurance, they the people to contact.

South Coast Tourism, we thank you for your sponsorship and guidance. Should you need any

information regarding the South Coast, just ask the friendly staff at South Coast Tourism, they will be

able to assist with all you need and should know!

………………………… / 2

Marketing is a very important point to concentrate on. We have already started with negotiating TV

coverage for 2016. The date on the KZN Cycling Calendar for 2016, is the 2nd October. Hope to see you

and your friends on this weekend! We are aiming to advertise nationally.

This year we had R1000.00 for the school with the most entries, Creston College were given this price.

We will market the event more at all our local schools.

From the entries, there were 341 in total, it was noted, that the bulk of the riders came from out of

town. Here we can market the local accommodation and activities on offer more.

With the assistance of Woz’bona photography and Zahn Lessing we are busy putting together a CD of all

the beautiful photos, which will go on sale soon. All proceeds’ will to the Burry Stander Foundation.

We are all growing with hosting events and are always open to any positive suggestions to improve our


The Burry Stander Foundation thank you for the “TIME” you took to read our notes on Lake Eland

Quattro Classic 2015.

We will always be grateful to all, supporting the foundation and honoring Burry in a very special way!

With warm regards

The Stander family

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