Every year will start out with the burry stander memorial ride this year on the 3rd january 2015 we had a moonlight ride and walk at the burry stander bike park  how blessed we are to be able to ride our bikes at night and walk the cross country corse at night feeling quite safe

afterwards a braai was enjoyed by all we hired two taxis and we brought in the kids from the rural areas aswell

we were very gratefull for the support for cycling sa kzn cycling and SA Sport Department.  After attending a function in mpumalanga  Mr Manase still made an effort to join us we thank him for his presence

our objectives for the foundation is to make all road users more aware of cyclist runners pedestrians and motor cycles   respect from all road users to all out on the road  to achieve this goal we have invited kids from all diffirent schools on Saturday mornings to the burry stander bike park we teach those who cannot ride a bike how to ride why it is important to wear a helmet we take them out on rides and teach them safety aspects  if they are brought up with this in mind surely they will make better future road users. They get time to page through all our cycling magazines and we give them a meal before they go home

an average of 50 kids are accomodated at the burry stander bike park every Saturday these kids have to walk approximately 15km to get to the burry stander bike park there are a need for postive activities to keep the children busy over weekends

the burry stander bike park is open to all cyclist we have various trails a coffee shop so famllies can come with and just enjoy the peace and quiteness of the park there are still a lot of work in progress

we also have a burry stander foundation team these guys have done so well this year we have been able to take them to various races in kzn and proudly I can say that whatever races they did they finished

we also launced the burry stander foundation cycling kit in january

with the assistence of kzn sport department and kzn cycling we were given 50 single speed bikes and helmet to start our Bike4Burry project we go to rural schools in remote areas and donate bikes and helmets with other equipment to the schools and we go back on a montly basis to check on the bikes to assist the pupils with riding skills and safety aspects this is time consuming and also costly but I am postive that this project is sending out the right message

we also started the Helmets4Burry project so many commuters cycle on our roads with no helmets we are asking cyclist if they have a helmet in the garage that we can still use to donate them to the burry stander foundation and we will hand them out we are going to invite cycling shop through out south africa to join in this project

in 2016 we will be sponsoring and support a talented upcoming cyclist  Nickey de Bruin with coach charles assisting watch this space definetaly a future champion in the making

We are still waiting for the outcome to the court case the taxi driver was found quitly and sentenced  he appealed his sentence so a new appeal date is still to be set this is very furstrating as we currently feel that there is no juistice………while attending each of the court hearings in 2013/2014 and 2015 it is clear that accused has more priviledges than the victims.

There a many families suffering the same pain we are and it is still one of our goals to assist them or cyclist with injuries from road accidents we are also getting involved in a project were 25 year old Marchelle van Vuuren tzaneen who lost both her legs in a dreadful accident in december 2014  charlene and roxanne stander will be riding the argus with R4R as a fundraiser for prostesis for marchelle

we had a special bumper sticker designed “keep your distance please” which also need to be promoted in 2016 we do belief it can make a difference

early in 2015 we were also forunate enough to send sibele bhoyi and john cele on a uci mechanical course in wartburg they learned a lot

a race that was always very close to burry’s heart is the lake eland quattro classic now powered by the burry stander foundation  we took over this race in 2014 a mountainbike race for mountainbikes we really hope it will grow from strength to strength as you can alwas feel burry’s presence

races with did with the burry stander foundation team in 2015

pmb mtb festival – april 2015

kzn road series may – aug 2015

burry stander sardine classic – july 2015

south coast lions classic – july 2015

scottburgh race – july 2015

hospice sugar challenge – aug 2015 the burry stander foundation assist hospice to put on this event at the same venue where we host the lake elnd classic

launch of the #Bikes4Burry – 16 september 2015 at the enxolobeni primary school paddock

2nd handover of #Bikes4Burry – 30 october 2015 a remote rural school in the eatern cape cwebeni junior secondary achool

lake eland quattro classic – october 2015

kzn rural bmx race – 24th october 2015 this was another event hosted by the burry stander foundation at the burry stander bike park

sthl sharks trail adventure – dec 2015



our team :

nicolas de bruyn                                   stembiso nqcobo

thubalethu shange                              lindokuhle mbhele

brian mbhele                                       nduduzo ndlovu

john cele                                              seluleko mncwabe

zibele bhoyi (left)


without the assistance of various businesses all of the above would never be possible

from the burry stander bike park we want to say thank you your contribution has changed a life

we are hoping to do more in 2016 and all assistance would be greatly appreciated you are all most welcome to come and visit the burry stander bike park and experience with the presence of burry the positive input we make in others lifes.


Our goals for 2016 :

to take the burry stander foundation team to more races

to get more schools on board with the #Bikes4Burry project

to be more productive with  #helmet4Burry project

to raise enough money to put the property into the burry stander foundation trust

to assist road accident victims specially cyclist and there families

to extend the burry stander bike park, also to add an entry level bmx course to the park


with all the work we have put in this year, you always need people who volenteer their time.  We want to say thank you to everyone you are all so special.

I want to thank all using the Burry Stander bike park!  With positive people around us and someone always having a new story to tell about Burry that is what keep us going

without sponsors we will also not be able te operate, everytime funds come in from somewhere I get tears in heart and I want to shout out a personal thank you.  I know we will all keep Burry’s legacy alive.




thank you to our sponsors!

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TILL 2016

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